The Secret To Superstar Sales Success: Mental Toughness.

According to mental toughness expert and best selling author Dr. Jason Selk, mental toughness is defined as ” the mind’s ability to stay focused and execute solutions in the face of adversity.” Therefore mental weakness would mean “the mind’s tendency to lose focus in the face of adversity.” I think it’s fair to say that […]

One of My Favorite Chapters for Alarm Sales, “Buyer’s Criteria: Hot Buttons”

It’s easy enough to get my new book. However, Chapter 4 is one every sales person needs to read. I’m sharing the bulk of the chapter to give you important information. Chapter 4 – Buyer’s Criteria: Hot Buttons This is by far one of my favorite things to train on as it empowers customers and […]

A New Book and A New Perspective on Six-Figure Alarm Sales Income.

It’s been years since my first book. And now, the entire story of my success is available to everyone who wants to make a six-figure income selling home safety. I’ve dedicated this book to those who are here to raise their consciousness and the consciousness of those you encounter. We are on the front line […]

Invitation to Mastery

It was 1992, and after I put everything on the line and went into the alarm business, I was failing miserably. Believe it or not, selling just didn’t come naturally to me. I had to really work hard. Of course back then we were selling the alarms for an average of $3200 a deal, so […]

Six-Figure Commission Sales Secrets – Acceptance.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes life seems to flow easily for you while at other times it feels like everything is trying to make its way through a clogged sink? Or how about when life flows so effortlessly it seems like you’re not even working and then, something goes wrong and it’s back to […]

Presentation Mastery, Six-Figure Style

So, here you are selling alarms. For some, you’ve been at it a long time while it’s new to others. Either way the important question is, how are you going about this business of selling alarms? Some sales reps are settling for mediocre while others made a conscious decision to achieve mastery level. What’s the […]

Six-figure Sales Breakthrough.

It’s actually quite easy to generate a six-figure income in the selling game. But, first you must pose this question: How can I assist more people with my product or service? If your average commission were $500 per sale you would need 4 sales per week or16 per month. Of course you can figure out […]

Word Power

Words are powerful in two very distinct ways. First are the words we say to ourselves. Second are the words we say to others. I’ve heard it said that the words we use to influence others have a rate of influence at only 7%. Yet I can tell you this, the words you use on […]

‘Struggle Strategy’ or Motivation? You Choose.

Have you ever wondered how a person can journey through an entire career yet still find they are struggling financially? Whether you find yourself having more month at the end of your money or more conflict in your life than peace, comes down to the strategy you use in your day-to-day approach to life. The […]

Selling the Guard-Down Way.

If you’re wondering what “guard-down” selling is stay with me here as I explain it and how it can catapult you to a six-figure income and beyond. This philosophy and technique that I’ve put together forms the style I refer to as ” The Tosoni Guard-Down Selling Method.” It’s a powerful method that packs a […]