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This book shows you how to quickly position yourself as an expert in your market, build rapport vs. just common ground, how to overcome your number one competitor, how to discover your customers buyer criteria and hot buttons and what to do about it, what it really takes to grow to six figures and beyond in the sales game.
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My first month coaching with Mark I made a 66% increase in my income which equated to $4,822.  I've coached with other coaches but nothing compares to the coaching that mark does . If you want to elevate your game and your income, don't walk to Mark ...RUN!
Mark Tosoni is a "Coaches" coach. He is brilliant and his expertise is in the arena of commission based sales and personal development. Mark's insights and distinctions have had a huge, positive impact on my husband and I, not only in our business, but who we are becoming as leaders! 
Regional Vice President, Primerica

Mark blew me away with his insight. You are stepping into the mind of a sales sage here my friends. He can create breakthroughs like none other I’ve ever witnessed!
- Michael Bourgeois
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