Mark Tosoni Releases Alarm Sales Mastery – Free PDFs of his 4th book Now Available!

asmOrlando, FL – October 1, 2015 –Mark Tosoni, The Commission Technician, Entrepreneur, Author and member of “The Academy Of Best Selling Authors”, has just released his 4th book, Alarm Sales Mastery – Eliminate the Competition and Make Over 100k per Year Selling Security Systems.

This book is unlike any other because Mark has combined his proven sales techniques with Sales Scripting; actual scripts readers will use when talking to customers.

Beginning October 6, 2015, Mark will be giving away the first two chapters – in PDF format – for FREE on his website Want to learn more? Fill out a questionnaire and get the entire PDF book at no charge!

A culmination of over 20 years of in home alarm sales experience and field tested results, as readers progress through the chapters, they suddenly realize the subtleties required to catapult their income to over Six Figures.

Although geared to the Alarm Sales Industry, anyone in sales will find this book inspiring and “Choc Full Of Tips” on “The Right Way To Sell

Here’s some of what readers will discover…
• How to quickly position and establish yourself as an Expert In Your Market
• Build Rapport vs. just Common Ground
• How to overcome your Number One Competitor
• How to discover the Customers Hot Buttons and Buyer Criteria
• What it really takes to go over the Six Figure Bar and Beyond
And a lot more .…

Mark’s dedication to alarm sales is apparent: “I’ve dedicated this book to those who are here to raise their consciousness and the consciousness of those you encounter. We are on the front line of business interacting with people every day. What an amazing opportunity to apply our concept of selling: Discovering needs and wants and filling those needs and wants in a win-win way, adding tons of value.” For all those who live that idea and express it every day, I hope you enjoy this work as it is written for you!”

Included in the book are numerous testimonials praising Tosoni’s leadership and role as a teacher of the sales process. According to Tosoni, “Their stories enrich my story.”

• In November 2015, Alarm Sales Mastery will be available at Stay tuned...

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About Mark Tosoni

Mark Tosoni is a Sales Success Expert and a reputed master at selling and teaching others to sell alarm systems. With a career spanning over 2 1/2 decades, having built and sold 3 million-dollar-companies by age 40 he is currently running his 4th business in the alarm industry. His success with these companies comes down to inspiring people to create a vision and purpose for their life and bringing them to their highest potential. Mark is the Go-To Guy when it comes to developing Six Figure Rock Star Alarm Sales Pros.

He accomplishes this through his powerful “Sales Success” group and one-on-one coaching. Having done over 2000 trainings throughout his career, he is considered by many the best coach and sales trainer in the alarm industry. This is due to his psychologically based sales approach and what he calls the “Tosoni Success Triangle” which consists of your Skill Set, Mind Set and Heart Set… along with a healthy view of of selling.

Mark’s keys to success and making money are the Hidden Sales Success Secrets he discovered over the years, which, when implemented, will create a bigger, fatter paycheck with less effort. By engaging in his coaching programs, Mark Tosoni can take your 5 figure paycheck and quickly turn it into 6 figures!


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