One of My Favorite Chapters for Alarm Sales, “Buyer’s Criteria: Hot Buttons”

It’s easy enough to get my new book. However, Chapter 4 is one every sales person needs to read. I’m sharing the bulk of the chapter to give you important information.

Chapter 4 – Buyer’s Criteria: Hot Buttons

This is by far one of my favorite things to train on as it empowers customers and sales people alike. Ironically, all too many sales people miss this valuable step either because they have wax in their ears or, they simply don’t know about the distinction. Back in the day of the $3,200 Deal, my mentor had created a market survey. This was his attempt to discover customers’ “Hot Buttons,” which is what he called them in those days.

Did it work? Yes it did, and remarkably at that! It blows me away when I discover how some sales people sell an alarm system without discovering what is important to their prospect. Call me Old School but I’m of the point of view that “When you sell John Smith through John Smith’s eyes, you sell John Smith what John Smith Buys,” and that’s where Buyer Criteria comes in.

So what is Buyer Criteria? Very simply, it’s what’s important to your customer, or, it could be said that it’s their Hot Buttons.

I teach a process of “Discovery” to assist the customer in getting and clarifying their Buyer Criteria. All too often sales people sell based on what they feel is important to themselves, essentially they are selling off of “their own hot buttons” vs. the customers.

I think you’re beginning to get the picture that in the Tosoni Method Of Selling, it is very customer focused. In fact, we call my style of selling The Tosoni Guard Down Method, because it’s about Expert Positioning, Rapport Centered, and Guard Down Focused you will be amazed at how easy it is to actually get deals.

I prepare you for war; yet you’re only going to a street fight at worst. Now the question becomes: “Do customers really know what they want? Do they really know what they need?” Yes, they probably have some ideas about this but make no mistake about it, you are the professional, and if you’re not, you had best become that quickly. Our job is to assist customers in clarifying and discovering in their mind what they want and need, your job is then simple: Help them get it.

Interestingly enough in today’s world, Alarm Sales is now becoming a “Want Based Sale” as well as a “Need Based Sale” like it traditionally was for the past hundred years. Yet I contend that the foundation of what we do is that it will always be based on need; meaning that what we do is all about Life Safety.

I mean, really think about this: Do people wake up excited about getting an alarm system for their house? Or is it more realistic that a looming threat that has come closer to home is what’s driving this decision? Only in the last few years do we have a Life Convenience and Control Feature Set added to the Life Safety System.

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