Six-Figure Commission Sales Secrets – Acceptance.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes life seems to flow easily for you while at other times it feels like everything is trying to make its way through a clogged sink? Or how about when life flows so effortlessly it seems like you’re not even working and then, something goes wrong and it’s back to the grind? If you can relate I have a few tips to offer.

For starters when things are flowing and going well it’s because you are not in resistance. Resistance is one of the top three sales enemies. Resistance is sneaky and elusive because you can’t see it. It could easily and quickly come up if you don’t like the way someone handles a situation. Or maybe your spouse said something you didn’t like or something happened such as you got turned down for a credit card or a card was cancelled. You suddenly notice that you are tightening up and feel constricted instead of flowing and feeling in rhythm.

Sometimes it gets even worse. This is where you begin to actively build your case and move into super resistance. This is what I refer to as “right and broke” VS. “wrong and rich.” This happens when you begin to talk to others and sell them on your position of whatever happened that began to bother you. You don’t realize it consciously, but you are actively clogging the cosmic faucet and severely slowing or stopping the flow.

Now obviously I’m speaking here of upsets and energy yet at the end of the day what is it that either makes or breaks anyone in business or everyday life? It’s how well you manage your reactions and your energy in the face of upsets.

One sure fire way to prevent resistance and access your highest six-figure potential and beyond is to begin to practice acceptance. All anyone can really control is their behavior in the present moment. Anything outside of the present moment is beyond your control. Accepting that fact is key.

You can only control your actions in any single moment. If something upsetting takes you out of the positive feeling of effortless flow you will know in advance that the culprit causing you to struggle and to experience clogged up sales is resistance. To play at the level of six figures or greater will require mastery. You must master acceptance to be rid of resistance and master your mind and your heart. Stay plugged into what’s being shared as you access those higher levels of yourself.

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