The Secret To Superstar Sales Success: Mental Toughness.

According to mental toughness expert and best selling author Dr. Jason Selk, mental toughness is defined as ” the mind’s ability to stay focused and execute solutions in the face of adversity.” Therefore mental weakness would mean “the mind’s tendency to lose focus in the face of adversity.”

I think it’s fair to say that humans have been conditioned to think in terms of threats or potential danger, stemming from our cavemen ancestors. This gave birth to a sort of “problem centric” type of focus and many of us are descendants of that way of thinking. Then along come some superstar performers to disrupt the same ole way of thinking, a Jordon, Kobe, or Tiger Woods, a Donald Trump or a Steve Jobs. My list could go on, but I don’t need to belabor the point,

All great people from all walks of life have to stay focused and they all face adversity while creating solutions. The question is, can you?

Well here’s a tip that I can’t take credit for yet I gladly share right out of Dr Selk’s playbook. He calls it ” Relentless Solution Focus” or RSF. Simply stated, the idea is to get obsessed with solutions and train your mind to focus on possibilities VS threats and danger.

Here’s how you do it. Dr. Selk calls it the “performance mentality.” The performance mentality consists of three simple questions to ask daily. The reason for questions is that questions open up possibility whereas judgment and rigid beliefs restrict possibility.

The Performance Mentality questions:
#1) What am I doing well?
#2) What am I going to improve on today? And lastly,
#3) How am I going to do it?

Cam you imagine focusing your mind on these three questions daily and writing down your answers? What do you think would happen in your sales game?

Mentally tough people are obsessed with improvement, not with perfection. They achieve their goals through small, daily relentless advancements. Tomorrow you will know if you have joined the ranks of the mentally tough particularly if you choose to engage in this process!

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